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Discover the Difference you’ll feel in knowing your child is loved and protected in a school that goes above and beyond for every student.

  • Experienced, Committed Faculty– You’ll find loving, caring and consistent role models who will care for your child like one of their own.  Dr. Denise Spells has been Principal for 25 years. Most members of our board certified faculty have served for over 10 years. Many are pursuing advanced degrees and regularly complete continuing education studies. With years of experience and true devotion to our students, your child will receive an excellent education and inspiration from our well-qualified and compassionate staff.

  • Small Class Size– With an average size of 20 students, your child will receive personalized attention from teachers who motivate all students to learn and reach their highest potential.

  • Code of Conduct- Students are encouraged to treat staff and fellow students with love, dignity, and respect. Any display of disrespectful behavior is discouraged and used as a learning experience for the student.

  • Closed, Secure Campus- Visitors are welcomed at the door before entering the building. Students only leave school grounds for field trips or other approved activities. All children are supervised and protected by our caring and attentive staff at all times. 

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